Hi, my name is Keith and these pages are dedicated to my friends and families hot rods.  To see our cars and read our stories, just click an image.

These links goto my car (1971 Camaro)

Other cars I own or have owned
Honda Elite 80 Scooter (had), 1986 Chevette(had), 1975 Chevy Pick-up (had), 1991 Toyota (had), 1992 25th Anniversary Camaro (had), 1997 Saturn (had), 2001 Chevy Silverado (have), 1971 Camaro (have)

my brother, Tony's car (1980 Pontiac TransAm)


my brother's wife's car (1966 Convertable Ford Mustang)

my Best-Friend, Rick's car (1986 Olds Big Block)

my Dad's toys (1926 Model T and his tractors)

my Brother-in-law's 1977 TA (FOR SALE!!)


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